The Suitcase Lady


April 10, 2007, 11:23 pm

My husband loves islands, preferably warm ones. He could happily walk out the door of our house and spend the rest of his days on a tropical island. I will not be with him.

I only visit islands for short periods of time. Five days would be really pushing it. I absolutely do not have island mentality.

Islands have one major, uncorrectable flaw. All the roads go in circles. In my view of the world, only Indie cars, racehorses and model trains should go in small circles. Since I am none of these, I cannot possibly live on an island.

Consider the road in front of my house. What a beautiful thought that this road leads to another and another and another until suddenly you’re cruising past the Anchorage city limits sign. Having unlimited options is my idea of freedom.

My husband need not worry. He probably won’t be getting any phone calls from Guatemala or Nova Scotia. But many people must share my yearning for endless, open roads. After all, the hit song Route 66 doesn’t seem to want to die.

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