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January 11, 2011, 9:16 pm

“It’s going to be an introspective day,” Obie Yadgar would say in his mellifluous voice.

Obie was a classical music radio announcer in Milwaukee many years ago, and we would wake up to his voice each morning. “Introspective day” was Obie’s gentle way of informing us that the weather was going to be a nightmare. Blizzards, ice storms, deluges,  tornadoes and white outs all qualified as introspective days.

Upon hearing those words, the best possible course of action would be to pull the covers over your head and hibernate for the day.

I still applaud Obie’s wisdom. Some days give no external support of radiant sunshine and clear, blue skies. Any forthcoming cheer will have to be conjured up from internal resources.

Those of us who live in the upper Midwest get more than our share of introspective days, and the season is upon us. I have always known that gray is a popular sky color where I live. Nevertheless, I was shocked when I read in the front of the Albuquerque phone book that their city has over 300 days a year with sun. Can life truly be this egregiously unfair?

It’s time to mine those interior resources. Exercising our creativity with paint, words, dance, needlework or any media of our choice is a good start. Daydreaming in front of a fireplace isn’t bad, either.

I recently came across a charming children’s book by Elisa Kleven called Sun Bread. In response to weeks of dreadful weather, a baker bakes a big, golden, smiling, sun shaped bread. That may be the ultimate spirit-lifting and stomach-warming remedy for these introspective days.

Post Script: I went out on the web to see what Obie Yadgar is doing now. He’s writing. Check out his delightful poem, To My Infant Grandson, here.

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  • Claudia

    Funny how we all remember different things. My recollection is of Obie saying “It’s a moody day”. My sister coined a phrase last year, which she had printed on bumper stickers, “GRAY is the new BLUE”. Perfect for our weather!

  • Claudia

    Oops, I forgot the tag line of that phrase, “it’s all about attitude”. So true.