The Suitcase Lady


March 20, 2018, 8:14 pm

I could say that my beach glass addiction is altruistic and that I am ridding our beaches of litter; smashed beer and wine bottles and various other glass items that are tossed into Lake Michigan.

That statement, however, would be untrue. I am simply in love with treasure hunts. Beach glass is not the only thing I search for. No week is complete without a trip to a thrift store. Searching for well designed, carefully made items amidst loads of not so great stuff is a pleasure for me. It is a joy not shared by my husband who, if we are together, indulges in the pleasure of a cat nap in the car while I enjoy the hunt.

However, we both concur on one of life’s most rewarding treasure hunts, travel. We define travel as moving out beyond our own backyard. Exploring all the parks, woods, shores and trails near our own home provides endless sources of discovery. The natural world is full of surprises waiting to be observed.

We are equally enthusiastic to explore man made environments, the world’s great cities and towns. Strolling in downtowns, uptowns and historic districts is rife with serendipitous discoveries.

Fortunately, we have a wonderful resource for discovering the hidden treasures in many cities both here and abroad. One of our family members is an ardent traveler and chronicler of the built environment.  Exploring by foot or bike, he is a true urban enthusiast. Here is a link to one of his travel blogs. Pour a glass of wine…..Tim does not write one minute blogs as I do.


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