The Suitcase Lady


March 7, 2007, 3:33 pm

The people of Chicago have spoken, or more accurately, 30% of them have. The reign of the Daleys will continue.

Last week Chicago re-elected Richard M. Daley for a 6th term with over 70% of the vote. I laughed out loud when hearing the election results, but I’m thrilled, too. Chicago without a Daley is like a St. Patrick’s Day parade without the Irish.

Political pundits had predicted that this time around hizzoner was in serious trouble. But scandals, indictments and shady deals have always swirled around the Daley clan. The smoke rises, and they remain standing.

The simple truth is that Chicago has never looked better. It is one of the most exciting, forward-looking and award winning cities in America. The voters knew who to thank.

Who but a Daley could have pulled off the urban miracle called Millennium Park? And then there are the flowers. The entire town is resplendent with cascades of seasonal flowers and grasses.

I recently saw a map which ranked American cities by the quantity of their green architecture, i.e., grass roofs, sustainable building materials, etc. Little green pin head or pea sized dots indicated the cities’ greenness. Chicago’s green dot was the size of a ping pong ball. Thanks to Mayor Daley, Chicago has 2 million square feet of green roofs.

As the kids would say, “Chicago rocks”. Mayor Daley is one urban legend who’s the real thing.

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  • Diane

    Seeing as I hail from the suburbs of Chicago I have to agree with the Suitcase Lady, the city has never looked better! My dad grew up in Bridgeport and my reletives know the Daley’s, have worked for the city and are also Daley fans. I can’t vote in Chicago, not that that has stopped people in the past, but I too would probably have casted a vote for hizhonor. Actually, there weren’t any real viable canidates running against him. The culture in Chicago has always been one of wheeling and dealing. Now that Scooter Libby isn’t taking up all of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s time, politics in Chicago should get very interesting. Stay tuned and lets see if he starts phase 2 of his clean up.

  • Miss Eve

    Mary dahling–

    much of what you say is true, but I can see you’ve never worked for Chicago Public Library. Don’t get me started!!! from One Who Knows! eve