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July 12, 2011, 11:08 pm

It’s outdoor grilling season, and we won’t. We do love grilled fish, sweet corn and veggie skewers. You don’t have to be a red meat lover to be a griller. Why, I ask myself, do we not grill? It’s irrational, but I will try to rationalize the irrationality.

Three reasons present themselves:

1. Flames- In the olden days, grilling involved evil charcoal starter, open flames and a rickety, little assemble-it-yourself BBQ grill. In other words, an open invitation to conflagration.

2. Dollars- Grills aren’t little anymore. In fact, they are about the size of a walk-in closet. They also cost the equivalent of a round-trip plane ticket to Paris. I’d prefer the ticket.

3. Expertise- Guys grill. My guy, although brilliant, handy and wonderful, is not a cook. He would probably think he had made us Cajun blackened fish until he took the first bite. I’m useless as I am afraid of hot surfaces that sizzle.

So I don’t believe a grill is in our future. Perhaps I will follow my dad’s example. He was extremely poor as a child, but he had life long happy memories of building bonfires in a vacant lot and baking potatoes in the embers. We could substitute the beach for the vacant lot.

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  • evie

    Mary–Makes sense to me. Ever notice how farmers never take part in such foolishness? Nor do they purchase those expensive outdoor tables & chairs to display on their decks. They don’t buy jogging clothes, either. Probably because they don’t go running! yours, evie

  • vicki

    I have the world’s smallest garage and have no room for storing big things. I found a small number called the “aussie grill” that kind of fold up. It won’t do for large parties, but suits my needs. I also discovered a cylindrical thing that you put crumpled-up newspaper into the bottom and charcoal on top, light a match… and it works every time with no lighter fluid.

  • Mary

    We will definitely check these items out. Thanks for bringing us into the new century!

  • Naomi

    Fire is scary, but I’ve tried to brave it (and wait patiently while the charcoal gets going) — because nothing beats grilled bratwurst! I agree about the expense and size of the gas grills, though… I don’t see one of those in my future.

  • Kris

    Ok, Mary – I’m going to respectfully disagree. :).

    First off – flames: Today’s gas grills have nice little starters that do a good job limiting the flame “jump” at start and are super simple to control during cooking. Many grills even come with a built in thermometer so you know how hot it’s getting

    Second – size: Grills come in all shapes and sizes – I’ve certainly seen them much smaller than a walk in closet. :) This includes gas and charcoal.

    Third – price: Sadly, a RT ticket to Paris these days is higher than $800. A decent grill should not set you back more than $100 – $120 dollars, if that. While I’d still take a rt ticket to Paris – I’ll take the grill as well.

    Our gas grill is a danger to ourselves and others (joke, sorta) because we use it extensively, it is pretty worn out. It probably gets used more than our oven/cook top, even in the ‘fierce’ winters of Texas. Time for a new one soon.

    Note – I do prefer charcoal over gas for taste reasons, and it brings back memories of growing up. But for simplicity, efficiency and time, gas is the way to go.

    Hope you guys are doing well!

  • Mary

    So nice to hear from you. Your advice should help us overcome some of our irrationality. By the way, isn’t it hot enough in Texas to just grill directly on the sidewalk??????????

  • Jen

    Chimney starters as mentioned above are awesome… No stinky lighter fluid. I have a spare small grill that would fit in your garage. About the size of a carry on bag. Yours if you want it!

  • Kris

    Mary – haha – yes it is! We don’t need no stinkin’ grill! :) Two minutes on the sidewalk and we’re done.

  • Margaret Solberg

    Combining your blogs would work here… one of the biggest surprises from our grilling experience has been grilling zucchini … a little seasoning and a little time on the grill creates a wonderful use of vegetables. Also it would help you do your part to keep the zucchini balance in the world.

    (By the way Mary, can you contact me directly at my email address, I have a question for you).