The Suitcase Lady


February 22, 2007, 12:20 am

Once again St. Patrick’s Day is creeping closer, and I have a closet crisis. I own no green clothes.

My ancestors never set foot on the old sod. They were too busy being Bohemians in Bohemia. But loyalty to my husband’s ancestors and my Irish friends behooves me to don green for a day.

My wardrobe tends to a wide range of purple hues. As I explain to my art students, purple is a weird color. Since it is a combination of red, a hot color, and blue, a decidedly cool color, purple can go either way. Emotionally, purple is AC/DC.

Purple was also the color of royalty. Although I’ve never aspired to be a queen (a rotten job in my opinion) I do like the aura of classiness purple conveys.

So it’s time for me to rent some green clothes. I rent all my clothes from Goodwill and other thrift stores. After a year or two, I return the garments to be re-rented.

Fortunately for me, all my favorite thrift stores arrange clothes by color, not size. I confess that it will be hard to walk right past an entire aisle of clothes in gorgeous shades of purple and continue on to the green aisle, but I will. I owe it to the Irish!

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  • Jen Sanderfoot

    Unreal…my mom has a blog?! For real, the woman who cannot operate an electric coffee maker and who should not be allowed near sharp knives has a blog? How fabulous!

    As for green, well, I’ll make up for your deficiencies. Redheads really do look smashing in all shades of the “not easy” color and I’ll be happy to wear your share.


    Love you…Jenny

  • Olivia Sanderfoot

    Hey, Grandma!
    What do you mean you don’t own any green clothes? Green is awesome! I love it, but blue is by far better. Purple is also a great one.

    LOVE YA!