The Suitcase Lady


June 24, 2015, 12:56 am

We are surrounded by a giant cocoon of green. The April showers did not materialize this year, but the June deluges did. Every leaf and plant is jumping up for joy and pumping out more chlorophyll.

Our ferns grew four inches last week, the fur trees are furry with new growth and the field of oats across the road is, in Conrad Richter’s words, “a sea of grass” – a very green sea I may add.

When friends from desert regions visit us, their first comment about our state is,”it’s so green”. Out West the green segregates itself: the emerald band of cottonwoods and vegetation along the river banks, the pines and aspens in the mountains. Tans and browns fill in the rest.

Our total greenness is not the least bit monotonous. The painter, Henri Rousseau, used 100 shades of green in one of his jungle paintings. Our landscapes can rival that. I cannot begin to count the varieties of green that surround me every time I drive or walk through the countryside now.

We all know that this dense green beauty is ephemeral. Orange, red and yellow pigments are lurking inside the green leaves ready to proclaim the end of the summer party. These precious few weeks are the time to stock up on green….the memories must last for endless winter days painted in shades of gray.


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