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November 27, 2012, 9:38 pm

Now that Thanksgiving has past, it’s time to talk turkey. Quite simply, there wasn’t one. We gave the turkey a pardon. For the first time in 48 years, Tom did not grace our table.

Our family did have a traditional Thanksgiving feast with all the delicious fall foods; cranberries, sweet potatoes, squash, apples, pumpkin and more. I am a firm believer that traditions help us know who we are and where we have come from.

Our sans turkey day came about because of a phone call from our daughter. “We are coming over,” she said,”but you don’t have to make a turkey.”

My immediate reaction was one of joy….I love Thanksgiving and I love to cook, but I have never been fond of preparing those big, dead birds.

Our daughter’s reasoning was flawless. She and her spouse love turkey, fix them superbly and make several each year. But their daughter is a vegetarian, my husband has recently become anti-poultry because of the practices of corporate agriculture and I have always been uncomfortable with eating meat. Those of us who eat low on the food chain are starting to be the majority in the family. Note that we are not trying to convert others to our view. Humans do come equipped with teeth befitting omnivores, and most food involves something dying even if it is a lowly soybean.

The Tooley cats and the nighttime guests in The Tooley Cafe do not share our views on turkeys. In past years, the cats were euphoric as the turkey roasted. They seemed to be thinking,”You’ve finally got it: birds exist to be eaten by carnivores.”

The night animals outside always had a “beast feast” on the turkey carcass. Not wishing our cafe to lose its Michelin rating, we supplied hot dogs and miniature marshmallows along with sunflower seeds.  By the next morning, our guests had licked the ground clean.

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  • liz levins

    what different tastes in food we have from oatmeal (love it, and i know you do not) to turkey. love everything about it, especially the aroma from cooking. have been eating leftovers for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    vive la difference.