The Suitcase Lady


April 5, 2010, 10:47 pm

Perhaps women are forever frozen in the fashions that reigned in their childhoods. I know that I certainly am. You can bet your net worth that I will never show up in a classroom in a pair of pants.

I vividly remember sobbing my heart out and wailing at my mother,”I’m a girl, and you can’t make me wear pants!” My poor mother was only trying to get me to wear woolly slacks to kindergarten on a subzero, Wisconsin day.

I, however, saw The Loretta Young Show on TV at my grandma’s house every week. That glamorous actress made her grand entrance through the door swirling yards and yards of skirt around her. I was hooked.

By the age of seven I knew I wanted to be an artist and was aware of the styles in the 1950’s world around me. And what grand styles they were! Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Jacques Fath were at their peaks. I sat at my little drawing table designing dresses. They were all variations of strapless ballgowns with tight fitting tops, tiny waists and huge, diaphanous  skirts.

To this day, I regard any outfit worn by Audrey Hepburn as perfection. And  the ultimate wardrobe in the entire world (this is not hyperbole) can be seen on Kim Novak’s body in the 1958 movie, Bell, Book and Candle.

So I’ve been spoiled for life. Casual or downright grungy clothes don’t do it for me. The sloppiest I get is a scoop neck, fitted  tee, khakis and a tooled western belt. That’s my floor scrubbing outfit.

Click here for links to Loretta Young and the Bell, Book and Candle trailer.

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  • evie

    Well, dahlin’ to each her own! My goal is to posess nothing but Lucky Brand jeans and tops. Pricey but tres chic. Well, chic-ish. yer tomboy pal, evalyn
    ps: i love the way you dress.

  • Diane

    Loved, the trailers. Have to Netflick, The Bell, the Book & the Candle. I’m all for dressing up…the Sheehan’s New Year’s resolution for 2010 is “Bring Dressy Back”, a play on the Justine Timberlake song, “Bringing Sexy Back”. We don’t have the swaggar for the later, so…

  • Daun Martin

    Loved the pictures! I do wear pants, but prefer long skirts as they are more comfortable and cover up a multitude of inperfections. I still remember on hot days at my inns, coming down stairs in a “sundress” and the coolish air floating up under the skirt–nature’s air conditioning. Daun

  • marilyn verick

    We sure had different childhoods. I grew up wearing bib overalls.