The Suitcase Lady


February 23, 2016, 9:31 pm

I’ve never understood why anyone would want to retire behind a wall, even a pretty wall. Walls close things out and trap things in. But no posh retirement community is complete without their bunkers.

Our warmer climates are dotted with retirement complexes and all are enclosed by high walls around their perimeters. Shrubs, trees and hedges planted in front of these walls make the walls appear to be more impenetrable. Then two freestanding walls of brick or rocks flank the main driveway. These walls announce the name of the complex.

If the resort community is extremely upscale, two gigantic fountains or other water features will also mark the entrance. Gates ensure that the enclave will not be breached.

Now comes my favorite part of these Versailles wannabes……their names.

“Someone”, I recently said to my husband, “gets paid a lot of money to dream up these faux exclusive sounding names. I could do this.”

Can you tell which of the following places are real and which only exist in my overactive imagination?ss

  • Foxmoor at the Dales
  • Eagle Crest on the Landing
  • The Colonies at Dolphin Cove
  • The Estates of Wolf Hollow Creek
  • Pebble Point at the Brooks
  • Arborwood at Summertree
  • Cascades at River Hall
  • Timber Greens

With a big bundle of cash, you could move into the last four on the list.


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