The Suitcase Lady


May 17, 2011, 10:22 pm

If I start to tell a joke, stop me. It is genetically impossible for me to deliver a punch line.

I know I’m not a humorless person. My husband and I frequently fill the house with laughter. We are, in fact, a perfect match when it comes to our taste in humor. We both love Garrison Keillor and his weekly Prairie Home Companion monologue. And neither of us can hit the off button on the radio fast enough when Garrison does his annual joke show. How many “Unitarians changing a light bulb” jokes can a person stand?

I got to thinking recently about what makes us laugh, and suddenly I was laughing out loud. My husband asked what was so hilarious. Since I was making the bed at the time, he knew that wasn’t the source of my mirth.

“Remember,” I managed to sputter out, “when we got the sleeper couch stuck upside down in the stairwell?”  Then, both of us were laughing.

The sleeper bed had lived a full life and was headed for the trash pickup. We debated which door to carry it out. Down the stairs to the basement and out to the driveway was our agreed upon exit route. We made it out of the bedroom, around a corner and almost down to the bottom of the stairs when the couch got wedged between the ceiling and the side walls. We did not panic, even though, as everyone knows, sofa beds weigh a zillion pounds. We both still had faith that with a little maneuvering it would be freed and out on the driveway a mere 12 feet away.

Ten minutes and 10,000 spent calories later, we concluded that we had indeed managed  to wedge the couch permanently in the stairwell. I was holding the back end up trying to mitigate wall damage. The wallboard at my husband’s end was already destroyed. We started to laugh. We had unwittingly put ourselves in an “I Love Lucy” skit. If the cats had been filming us, we could have gone viral on YouTube.

Simultaneously, we arrived at the only solution.

“Get the saw,” I said. A full hour of sawing ensued, and the couch was removed in pieces, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “sectional couch”.

I hate to admit it, but I do know what makes us laugh…it’s us. I’ll save the story of how my husband accidentally blew up the bathtub for another day.

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  • eve robillard

    Mary–Oh you two are toooo funny!
    Did you stop your labors and have a glass of wine
    before amputating said couch?
    ps: i agree about the joke show. this last one
    was abysmal. (so i guess that means i listened.)