The Suitcase Lady


June 29, 2010, 6:31 pm

You have to love a country that has the word “happiness” in its Declaration of Independence. Granted, the Founding Fathers only gave us the right to pursue bliss. They wisely knew that happiness is elusive. But what better time than The Fourth of July to pursue some happiness?

Sadly, America has become like a married couple who hate each other and refuse to find any common ground.  They spend all their time together trying to demean, demoralize and dehumanize one other. Absolutely nothing good can come out of such a relationship or anything it touches.

The fear and hate mongers among us are predicting doom for America because of our huge national deficits. Being prudent with money, I don’t underrate the seriousness of this situation. But I will state with uncharacteristic certainty that America will not be ruined by deficits. If we fall from greatness, hatred will be our undoing.

Throughout history, bad economic times cause people to look for scapegoats. The poorest and least powerful always get the blame; after all, they are the easiest targets. Hatred and its sidekick, dysfunction, then unravel the fabric of society.

Searing as it was,The Great Depression did not destroy America. My parents’ generation was badly scarred, but they survived.  And I owe my life of economic stability to the lessons my parents gleaned from those dark days and imprinted on me. Those lessons did not include hating and ridiculing everyone that did not look or think like me.

Here is my survival plan for this glorious Fourth of July. I will view the exploding fireworks as symbols of hatred being blown to bits. I will remain hopeful that the USA will get back to the real business at hand: working together to form a more perfect union where happiness is at least a possibility for all.

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