The Suitcase Lady


June 25, 2013, 9:36 pm

A few days ago, driving home with the groceries past the Pigeon River, I spotted a quirky little scene. A good sized green canoe was sitting by the side of the road. It was filled with fishing rods and gear. Two young men were standing beside the canoe. And beside them was a small, red Radio Flyer wagon.

In that instant, a thought zipped into my head, “They can’t be going to do what I think they are.”

As I drove past, the guys enacted my premonition: they lifted the canoe onto the coaster wagon and started down the shoulder of the road. My immediate impulse was to turn around and watch this funny caravan to see how far they would go. Unfortunately, the hour was late, the groceries were heating up and dinner needed to be made. I mentally wished them luck.

We have never towed our canoe on a Radio Flyer. In fact, our canoe is never transported anywhere. It resides on the beach chained to a poplar tree. We use our canoe on those rare days when Lake Michigan is totally calm and the weather forecast indicates no changes in the direction of the wind.

Our home is surrounded by rivers, creeks, marshes and inland lakes which we would love to explore via canoe. We have often lamented that our cars are too small to haul the canoe.

Silly us, all we would need is a Radio Flyer. Bravo to all the creative thinkers in the world.


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