The Suitcase Lady


June 2, 2009, 10:54 pm

With the help of our neighbors we salvaged the boat benches last week. We now have some very comfortable seating down on the beach.

Hopefully, our blue vinyl couch won’t be re-salvaged or reclaimed by the waves any time soon. According to local rumors, the entire boat was abandoned and left to the mercy of the waves.

I’m a born beachcomber, always eager to see what daily treasures have washed up on the shore. My beach glass collection is getting fairly impressive… I can’t lift it anymore. But I’m also fascinated by larger detritus.

Last year an old fashioned phone receiver repeatedly washed in. We would pick it up, make a faux call, toss it back in and find it a week later in a different location. Recently, a large sign for I-43 appeared… perhaps in case directions from the beach to the freeway were needed.

Lone shoes, tennis balls, children’s sand-toys and fishing gear are the most common beach gifts. A handy, plastic-laminated “Guide to Sport Fish of the Great Lakes” was one of my favorite finds. Bet the fish are laughing.

There’s a coastal tradition of putting an old table (or constructing a table from salvaged wood) on the beach or cottage porch. Interesting flotsam and jetsam are displayed on the table. Our neighbor a mile down the beach has a great display. Currently, he is exhibiting 2 duck decoys, 1 life preserver, a 3-inch diameter piece of rope and numerous shoes… and the season is only beginning.

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  • Jen

    Have you seen the kids book called Flotsam? Really, really cool book. If you don’t have it, let me know and I’ll get it get it for you.

  • Mary

    I haven’t seen the book and will take you up on your offer. Also, I do have a copy of “Inside & Outside” about Mary Nohl. Now there was a woman who understood flotsam and jetsam! Hope it is selling well at your store. If you need to make a promotional display with driftwood and beachglass, you know where to come.