The Suitcase Lady


March 2, 2021, 9:05 pm

There are only four weeks in the entire year when we can keep our car clean and shiny. The first occurs in late spring between the end of the snow and the start of the bug hatches. The second is in fall after the first hard frost kills the bugs but before the first snowfall that sticks to the ground.

Since last week didn’t fall into either of those categories, I suggested to my husband that a visit to the car wash should be on our Saturday agenda. You know it’s time when your car’s back window is opaque and your winter coat is coated with salt and grime if it brushes against your vehicle.

The first car wash we tried had a massive line of cars waiting to be scoured. We are patient people, but an hour’s wait seemed excessive. The next wash we found had only four cars in a queue. Plus, it promised our car would get a “Dino Wash”. How could we resist this?

While waiting our turn, we had time to read the Dino wash menu and pick one of its four options. I must report that the $12.00 T- Rex option was mighty tempting. We did need to “take the bite out of dirt” as our car’s surface was buried under road slop. And one feature promised “Dino Glow”, a most intriguing option even though real dinosaurs, to the best of my knowledge, were not bioluminescent.

After a few moment’s thought, we eliminated the T-Rex wash for three reasons:

  • It cost $12.00.
  • It did not have tri-colored (pink, blue and yellow) bubbles which other expensive washes have, thus turning a mundane wash into a psychedelic art happening.
  • A snowstorm was forecast for two days after our wash.

The basic wash proved to do a decent job, despite the fact that our car did not acquire a glow. For a day or two our car would reveal its true color and the windows would be transparent.

I must add that there is a third car wash in the immediate vicinity of the two aforementioned ones. It was never under consideration. We are boycotting it for an extremely good reason… it only washes the car 3/4s of the way down.

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