The Suitcase Lady


March 3, 2009, 10:44 pm

Last weekend I developed an advanced case of cabin fever. It hit like a shock wave as my car was sliding down the driveway into a snow bank on the opposite side from the garage door.

Our driveway goes straight down from the road and currently resembles a shimmering Alaskan ice field. Even a polar bear with its five inch claws and fur covered pigeon toed feet couldn’t get traction here.

It is high time that spring put a tentative toe in the door. Walking up the driveway to the roadside mailbox or filling the bird feeders have become limb threatening activities.

And then there’s the morning issue. I find no incentive to get out of bed when my nose is as cold as a popsicle. For the last week the AM temperatures have been single digits (above and below zero) and the wind Arctic blasts. The only sensible response to this situation is pulling the quilt over the head and going back to sleep; i.e., hibernation.

The snow hasn’t been a stranger, either. I took three trips to the carwash last week in a valiant attempt to remove the patina of salt and slush that permanently envelopes my car.

Try as I might, I’ve only found one glimmer of hope. A few days ago I spotted a huge Sandhill Crane, an early returnee from its winter home in Florida. It was gliding down from the gray skies for a perfect landing in a nearby wetland.

If the thermometer ever hits fifty, expect to see us dancing naked in the melting snow banks.

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  • PS (PSanafter-thought)

    I’m somewhat in the same boat, but no hill on the driveway, making it a bit better. I got those grippy things for the bottom of my shoe boots, so I’m hoping that makes walking to get the mail less threatening. Hard to believe you have it so cold over there. Sounds like our weather.

  • Roxane

    It is supposed to be 50 on Thursday! Are you providing refreshments?

  • Claudia Backus

    I’m going outside right now! No,not nude, but sans down jacket. Claudia

  • PESD Techno Stuff

    I guess I won’t rub it in that it’s been in the high 80s most of this week…You can laugh when we are frying eggs on the sidewalk later this summer.