The Suitcase Lady


January 28, 2020, 9:56 pm

Last week my cousin and I went to visit a relative at a care center. The receptionist looked at us as we signed in and said, “My aren’t you ladies looking fashionable today! Are you wearing Dennis Basso’s?”  Large, blank expressions simultaneously crossed over both our faces.

“Who’s he,” I piped up. She immediately brought us up to fashion speed. “He,” she said, “is the fabulous designer of faux fur coats, and I thought your coats were by him.”

In fact, my coat was 30 years old and a thrift store five dollar special. My cousin’s faux Basso probably has a better pedigree, but she is a bargain hunter as well. Since the wind chill was hovering around minus a thousand that day, we had both independently chosen to bundle up teddy bear style.

Our wonderfully upbeat receptionist went on to tell us about Dennis Basso’s fame in the fashion world. And, she noted that he’s from New Jersey.

“Yes,” I replied, “by chance, I have a number of close friends from New Jersey, and all are unique and wonderful.”

Now it was her turn to laugh. “I’m from New Jersey,” she informed us, “and who would have thought that kid in my high school class, Dennis Basso,  would get so famous.”

Naturally, I googled Mr. Basso when I got home. That Jersey boy is indeed famous, and he designs much more than just fake furs. The first thing that popped up on my screen was a Vogue article about his new Spring 2020 collection. The next site reported on his wedding at the Pierre Hotel in New York which featured a three-foot-tall wedding cake. His lavish wedding was apropos, as he is also known for creating gorgeous wedding gowns.

I guess my cousin and I have our work cut out for us. We must begin searching for a real “Basso” as we check out the thrift store racks.




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  • everobillard

    Except for the ridiculous high heels, I like what I see.
    And I didn’t really know who he was either. PS: I love your coat! pps: My Aunt Hank went to high school with Marlon Brando. ppps: My Mom’s friend Lucille was from Milwaukee, & she used to babysit Liberace. Pulled him around in a wagon . . .