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May 27, 2008, 10:21 pm

Fads are like a rash. First only a few spots appear, but soon they are everywhere. I confess to trying to spot these trends before they are epidemic.

Take the pillow people for example. There is a decided fad among young people to bring their bedroom pillows to the airport. These pillows may not be relegated to duffel bags. They must be conspicuously displayed such as clutched under the arm the way young children cling to their teddy bears.

I was sitting next to a pillow person on a recent long flight. The young lady placed the pillow vertically over her chest & lap and clutched her arms around it for the entire flight thus doing a great impersonation of a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy. I’m clueless as to why a bed pillow has such cachet.

I read about the absolute latest wedding fad in an unimpeachable source, an airline magazine. You’ve no doubt heard of the craze for destination weddings. But now there’s a new twist. After the lovely poolside ceremony, the bride immediately jumps into the pool. Soon the whole expensively clad wedding party is in there with her. An alternative is for the bride to do an ocean swim the next day… also in her wedding gown. America has been called a nation of teenagers, and this behavior seems to be supporting evidence.

The swimming in your wedding dress fad was probably started by the bridal industry to nip the burgeoning market in used wedding gowns.

Food and beverage fads are omnipresent, and I only need to consult my daughter for the latest trends here. She says that mojitos are really hot now.

A computer search enlightened me on the mojito’s makeup – muddled mint, limes, sugar, rum and club soda. Since I don’t own a muddler, I won’t be indulging anytime soon. However, I suspect that more than one of those water soaked brides had a few mojitos before their vows.

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