The Suitcase Lady


December 20, 2011, 9:27 pm

Christmas Eve is the only Jewish style holiday Christians have. I’ve always been puzzled why this phenomenon isn’t noted.

Celebrations on the night of December 24 are the most important of the year for millions of American families. Yet the day starts out as a normal, ordinary work day for most of the populace. Stores and offices, banks and restaurants are all open, the mail is delivered, traffic is jammed and life is normal.

And then, the magical transformation begins. As the sun sinks lower and lower, the wheels of commerce start shutting down. The ordinary day gives way to a magical evening. For children, the most eagerly awaited night of the year is upon them. It doesn’t start with a bang or a sunrise; it just fades into a different aura.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

Buying, acquiring and possessing are huge values in America. Logically, the frantic, excessive shopping will be extended to the last ray of daylight. But the madness does stop, if only for a few precious hours. The peace is palpable. Time seems to be suspended, and we can all return to a place where meaningfulness still exists.

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