The Suitcase Lady


August 7, 2018, 8:25 pm

In case you missed the great goat story a few days ago, here is a recap. Finding a humorous news item amidst our current daily deluge of bad news is most welcome.

The residents of an upscale Boise, Idaho neighborhood woke up last Friday to an amazing sight: 118 goats had invaded their yards. And the goats were all doing exactly what goats do best, eating all the vegetation in sight, the carefully tended lawns, bushes and flowers. Some homeowners must have wondered if the world was ending in a goat apocalypse.

However, the goat invasion had a much more mundane explanation. The goats were on the lam from a “Rent a Goat” service. Apparently, these businesses are widespread and profitable. The goats are trucked from job to job to clear out unwanted vegetation that is unsightly or a fire hazard. In other words, they are living lawn mowers.

The Boise goats were hired to chow down foliage around a water retention pond. When the menu there left something to be desired, they went in search of more upscale dining options and hit the jackpot.

Various news outlets reported that the folks in the invaded area took the incident with good humor. No N.R.A. Member got out his arsenal and “saved” the neighborhood with assault weapons….a small miracle in itself. The homeowners even applauded when help arrived and the goats were herded into their trailers.

Since I live in a rural area, the sight of sheep, cows or horses wandering around on a road occasionally happens. In fact, our town constable gives his report on how many farm animals he has had to round up and return at each monthly town meeting. It’s a highlight.



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