The Suitcase Lady


April 14, 2015, 8:15 pm

Merriam-Webster defines ‘ephemera’ as “Things that are important or useful only for a short time: items that were not meant to have lasting value.” In other words, disposables such as posters, greeting cards, paper shopping bags, magazines, menus, post cards, travel brochures, theater programs and packaging.

My own art medium has always been paper and my technique is paper cutting. I love the irony that all the greeting cards, posters and brochures I’ve designed through the years were meant to be thrown away. I also appreciate that change is a part of life, and that room has to made for the new. I am not a hoarder as anyone who has ever visited my home can attest.

But here is more irony. I do have a modest collection of ephemera…..disposables that I have not been able to dispose. If select pieces of ephemera are stored long enough, they turn into history. Highlights from my personal gallery of ephemera follow. None of these pieces were purchased: my elders and I simply saved them. I’m guessing you could create your own gallery as well.








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