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September 2, 2008, 9:57 pm

My husband has been increasingly more morose lately, and I know exactly what’s wrong. He abhors fall. What I view as the glorious signs of late summer, he sees as the ominous portents of winter.

I have to use every feminine wile I possess to keep him from ripping out all our beautiful yellow plumes of goldenrod. He is unfazed when I point out that our local nursery sells a small pot of it for nine dollars. To him those glowing plants are sure signs that blizzards are on their way.
I love autumn and see it with different eyes. All the plants and animals have been working at peak speed all summer, growing and reproducing. Now is the time to ratchet down and relax for a while.
The prairie grasses have given up on pumping out their chlorophyll and are content to bask in shades of gold. The tree leaves forget about green as well and reveal the glorious colors they were hiding all summer long. The giant sea grass that lines our front drive are sporting white plumes. No more pushing to the sun for them. The cup plants are also at their full eight foot heights and have invited all the finches and butterflies over to drink and dine.
Meanwhile, the sun has noticeably given up its northern journey and is content to set much earlier. Monarchs and many of our birds begin following it in pursuit of never ending summer. Those of us who stay behind gather up the largesse from summer and cache it. I use my freezer; the squirrels and jays prefer holes in trees.
My husband will never believe this, but, if we are lucky, these lazy, generous days can last all the way to Halloween. It’s not over until the last leaf falls.

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  • Anonymous

    I understand perfectly how Russ feels at this time of year. I mourn the passing of the long days. The setting sun at 7:30 that I viewed with delight in spring is now a sight for sorrow.
    I know what is coming. thanks for a new perspective.