The Suitcase Lady


February 26, 2013, 7:45 pm

I am not feeling blue. I’m not a blueblood, either, nor am I seeing red or green with envy.

On the other hand, I am in the pink and even have been tickled pink. A purple haze is not my style, but I wouldn’t mind being a golden girl. And if a difficult situation arises, I won’t be yellow.

Metaphorically, we human beings emote in a rainbow of colors…..with one exception. Perhaps orange has hung out with pumpkins, oranges and fall leaves for so long that it can’t relate to human feelings or we can’t relate to it. I can’t think of an instance when someone has said to me, “Are you feeling a bit orange today?”

But the world is a huge place with myriad nations, regions and languages.  Somebody out there probably uses orange to express an emotion. If you know about this, kindly let me know.

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  • Sandra Joseph

    Orange is singular in another way–it doesn’t rhyme with anything. And while it’s nothing I’ve heard from others, I’ve always associated orange with quirky sort of happiness.
    Thanks for making me think!

  • eve

    Mary–True. But one might feel “on fire.” Not the same thing, I know. . . . Poor word. Nothing even wants to rhyme with it. evie

  • Marco Veerkamp

    Hi Mary,

    The royal family in the Netherlands is called the house of orange. Therefore when the Dutch feel patriotic, for example when there is a international soccer match, they tend to say the have an “orange feeling” which is the literal translation of the Dutch word “oranjegevoel”. So yes, it does exist. You can witness this yourself on 30 april when Willem Alexander will be crowned king of the Netherlands. I guess this will be widely reported.

    Thanks for the nice post.