The Suitcase Lady


June 24, 2008, 10:33 pm

It’s not easy sleeping with a 26 pound cat. The space Gato takes up in our bed is exponential.

Why do we share our bed with this feline behemoth, when we have an array of less obese cats to choose from?

The answer lies in Gato’s new diet. Gato is one miserable cat. The least we can do is let him enjoy his favorite space, our bed.

His troubles began a few weeks ago when our vet gave Gato an ultimatum. Note, I did not say the vet gave us the ultimatum. The vet and we have been working hard for years to control this cat’s diet… to no avail. So Gato was told directly – lose pounds or be diabetic.

“You’re going to be eating in your own private room”, the vet told Gato, “and you’ll get one can of fat-be-gone cat food per day. Don’t plan on helping yourself to your friends’ food dishes, either, because there will be no more open dish feeding at your house.”

The trip back from the vets was uncharacteristically quiet. Gato got home and threw himself on the bed.

At this point I cannot report any dramatic diminishment of Gato’s girth. I can say though that we are having a bit of difficulty watching Netflix on our tiny PC after turning in for the night. Gato is slightly larger than the dimensions of the screen.

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