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June 29, 2021, 9:25 pm

As we approach the 245th celebration of our independence from the tyrannical British, I write my one and only political blog of the year. Every other week, I adhere to the original reason I started writing, namely, as an antidote to all the bad news that is part of daily life. Here are my reflections for July 4th, 2021.

Joe Biden is in the White House working harder than any other 78 year old in the world. He is appealing to our “better angels” and is making a monumental effort to save our precious democracy which is under attack from within. America is at a serious juncture: democracy is a fragile thing and there are no guarantees that ours will hold.

Despite the perilous nature of this time in America’s life, I intend to enjoy the next three and a half years. With the election putting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm, we have adults in charge. It’s time to light the sparklers, watch the fireworks and stay hopeful.

To celebrate, I have conjured up a few sound bites which are apropos of the times. I’m hoping our better angels would agree with these sentiments.

  • What would Abraham Lincoln do?
  • Voting: A right, not a privilege.
  • Kindness is not weakness.
  • Pro choice means I can choose my own religion. (Reference: The Bill of Rights, Amendment One)
  • The flag belongs to everybody.
  • Bring back the Common Good.
  • Freedom only works when we all are.
  • Democracy: Not perfect,  but nothing’s better.

My Aunt Jane was an Army nurse in WWII behind enemy lines building field hospitals and caring for the wounded. This flag was presented to our family after her funeral service.

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  • Jim Smith

    Great message for today. My Aunt Gen served during WWII as second in charge of the Army Nurse Corp. She also served all over Europe. She was killed during the Korean conflict. I am sitting here looking at the single star flag that was in my Grandmother’s front window. I still have hope that with “adults” in charge that we can save this country. Jim

  • Phil Little

    Well, we have had 245 years of Democracy. Such familiarity bodes well for its continuance. In addition, this country has accomplished revolution, Emancipation, Women’s Rights, the New Deal, Victory over fascism in WWII, Social security, the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts, Medicare, ADA, FHA, HUD, thousands of anti-discriminatory laws, OSHA, Hazardous Materials rules, such mundane things as building codes, product safety laws, OBAMACARE(!), Medicaid, SNAP, climate rectification….and many more examples of legislators actually considering needs of the People….that perhaps there actually is a stratum of goodness and decency lying below the warlike meanspirited destructive surface environment that has caused such distress for so many.

    I sometimes think that I have had failed completely to understand the true nature of my fellow(?) man, but …we’ll get through this!!!!

  • Mary

    Phil, I truly loved your thoughtful comment. These are frighting times, but I hope we can move beyond the hatred and lies that are rampant now in America. Better angels need to get busy.

  • Elizabeth Levins


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