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May 15, 2018, 9:50 pm

I am now the co-owner of a chainsaw,  an item I never wanted to own. I’ve always considered these tools to be noisy, dangerous and frequently destructive of habitats. The blame for our saw acquisition lies squarely on Mother Nature.

For 22 years we have maintained our home and property with tools that would feel at home in a Little House on the Prairie. My husband enjoys using hand tools, many of which he inherited from his father and grandfather.

Last May, Mother Nature began her rampage and a massive storm tore a dozen trees from our cliff and deposited them in a tangle on the beach. It looked like a giant had been playing pick up sticks. We cleared the mess using hand saws, muscle power and patience.

This year’s surprise was an April blizzard accompanied by 18 foot waves in the lake. Huge chunks of our cliff were washed out, and two mature trees toppled onto the shore. Furious sawing again allowed us to open up the beach.

But the coup de grace happened last Sunday. The day was calm and sunny and I went down for a beach walk. A gigantic tree was completely blocking my way. For a second I was stunned, but quickly figured it out. The cliff is unstable from all the storms, and this was another of nature’s “gotchas”.

When my husband surveyed the situation, his first words were,”We are going to need a chainsaw.”

He spent the evening checking out rental versus purchase options. “I don’t think she’s through throwing trees around yet,” he concluded. We bought the saw on Monday.

B.C. Before Chainsaw – Click the above picture to watch the action!



A.C. After Chainsaw – Let ‘er rip!

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  • Alyce Weiss

    What a year you’ve had. I’m sure the chain saw makes the job a little easier.

  • Liz Levins

    I have been pining for a chainsaw. Would have bought one if it weren’t for my husband, who refuses to have one. He thinks I’ll injure myself with it.