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September 11, 2007, 9:55 pm

I can only bake one cake. Fortunately, it is a very luscious cake. It is definitely not a layer cake.

How anyone can put a layer cake together is a mystery to me. I am in awe of my son-in-law and all the French bakeries that can turn out gorgeous, multi-layered masterpieces.

A myriad of things can go wrong when making a layer cake. For example, the layers should be the same height. When I’m not looking, a little extra batter seems to creep into one of my cake pans. Or I take my pans out of the oven to discover that the baking powder has gone ballistic. One side of a layer is three inches high, the other a mere inch and a half. There is only so much frosting you can add to fix that situation.

If by some miracle the cake layers come out of the oven level and equal, you can be assured they won’t come out of the pan. A big, ragged chunk of cake will remain firmly stuck on the bottom.

And the final disaster, crumbs in the frosting. How do those master cake bakers keep jillions of cake crumbs from merging into the frosting?

For all of you out there who share my layer cake trauma, click here for my grandmother’s totally easy, foolproof and guest pleasing apple cake recipe.

If you ever need to sell your house, bake this cake an hour before the showing.

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