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February 11, 2014, 11:09 pm

We recently had a run-in with physics. Unfortunately, I’ve never studied physics: when I went to college, that subject was not deemed necessary for art majors. My husband did study physics but always found it to be his most challenging subject.

Our lack of a bathtub got the whole situation rolling. When we designed our house, we left out a tub. Both of us take showers every morning and concluded a bathtub was not a justifiable expense.

Being bathtub-less, staying at a hotel with a tub is a treat and a room with a jacuzzi is the ultimate joy. The last time this happened, we began filling the giant jacuzzi tub immediately after we checked in.

“Do you think they might have given us some bubble bath?” I wondered. A search turned up no bubble bath, but I did find a wee bottle of body wash. I handed it to my husband, he dumped it in and we both got in. Bliss!

One minute later I said, “I think I know what a lemon meringue pie feels like.” We were enveloped by peaks of frothy white bubbles. Another minute later and the bubbles had risen one foot over the rim of the tub. Thirty seconds more and my husband resembled Santa, his beard covered with foaming bubbles. I came to my senses and turned off the jets.

Between laughter and a mouth full of bubbles, I managed to sputter, “We’ve just created our own episode of I Love Lucy.”

This incident was not recorded with photos. Use your imagination. If you need a picture, here is one of Julia and Paul Child’s annual Valentine greetings. We know how they did that.


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  • Maureen

    Hi Mary,
    I did something similar once, but with the dishwasher. We were out of the powdered dishwasher soap (long before they made the liquid and the pods), so I substituted with some dishwashing soap, filling the compartment. Ooooops!!!! Bubbles all over the kitchen floor. The kids loved it and my kitchen floor was clean for once.