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September 20, 2011, 8:46 pm

Finally, after sixteen years, something is working.

Readers of this blog know that my husband and I are hugely inept gardeners. Lack of talent, however, has not stopped us from trying to create a bird and butterfly friendly yard.

At particularly low moments in our gardening odyssey, master gardener friends offered encouraging words.

“Prairie grasses really are very difficult to start,” said one friend after our second attempt at seeding had fizzled. Knowing that the project was not as easy as the seed company implied helped: our third planting was the one that worked.

Another gardening pro friend helped us view gardening as a series of experiments.

“If it doesn’t work, try something else,” she advised.

So after losing fifty cone flower plants, despite the fact that every gardening book stated they were perfect for our soil conditions, we did not plant more.

Now we wait to see what returns after our brutal winter winds and temperatures, and we plant more of the varieties that survived.

We’ve also learned that gardening is a journey that has no destination. Surprises, failures and changes are what make it all worth the work. We are definitely not in control, and that’s OK with us.

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