The Suitcase Lady


August 25, 2015, 7:36 am

Our cat, Beatrix, had a ride in a tow truck last week. The main cause of her adventure was my car. It has had three engines in the last three weeks.

Beatrix was also partly responsible for ending up in the wrecker. She had refused to cooperate when my husband tried to give her a booster shot which our vet said could be administered at home. My husband doesn’t give second chances. He put the girl in her carrier and drove 30 miles to the vet clinic where the vet tech showed her who was boss. The deed was done in a second, and cat and husband were heading home when the car’s overheated engine light flashed on.

Three weeks earlier, my car’s original engine had died, apparently wanting to end its life at 200,000 miles. We opted to do the reycle thing and had a used, low mileage engine installed by our local Hyundai dealer. This replacement engine expired a week later, the dealer gave us another loaner car and put in yet another used engine.

My guy didn’t miss a beat when he found himself stalled on the Interstate with a miffed feline. He called the dealer immediately. A tow truck was dispatched, and both cat and husband got to ride up high in the front seat like road warriors. They were given the same loaner car to get home, and I believe we may have squatter’s rights to it.


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