The Suitcase Lady


April 11, 2017, 8:58 pm

“Objects in motion tend to remain in motion” is a law of physics that I understand. Therefore, every morning I do exercises to get the object (me) in motion for another day.

Many of the exercises I do involve a yellow exercise ball. I enjoy using the ball as the workouts done with it seem to be more fun than those without. But sometimes I mess up an exercise and the big ball gets away from me. Several times it has rolled itself the length of the balcony and then bounced down all the stairs. And herein lies the problem.

Our black cat, Taj, is terrified of the big yellow ball. He is convinced that it is a big cat-eating monster coming to get him. He sits warily at the far end of the balcony watching me exercise. His big yellow eyes, like two mini exercise balls, never leave the ball……he is waiting to flee if it attacks. The stair incidents caused him to run and hide in fear.

Fear is a terrible emotion, often worse than the object or thing feared. I don’t want any creature to live in fear, especially one that lives in my own house. So I tried to devise a way to help Taj overcome his terror of a ball he could deflect with one good bat of his paw.

I did not teach him how to play ball. Rather, I made the ball the purveyor of all goodness….cat treats. Training a cat is a long, slow process, but Taj and I are making good progress. In a few more years, we may even be playing ball.


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