The Suitcase Lady


August 13, 2013, 10:08 am

Foodies and gourmets be warned: exit now, you won’t enjoy this post. But if you can handle or even occasionally crave comfort food, please stick around.

Summertime and that classic sandwich, the bacon, lettuce and tomato are perfectly paired. The gardens and farmers’ markets are bursting with “real” tomatoes and tender leaf lettuce.

The locavores are with me to this point, but here’s my heresy. I am usually making a homemade meal after getting home from work at a late hour. Assembling B.L.T.’s on toast takes time. So I speed up the prep time by making the B.L.T.’s on rolls toasted en masse in the oven, and I buy the cheapest most Wonder Bread kind of hamburger or hot dog rolls. I wouldn’t dream of using these rolls for any purpose other than a B.L.T.

I have pondered why these atrocious rolls work so well in this situation. I believe it’s because you eat this particular sandwich to showcase the tomatoes, lettuce, bacon and Hellmann’s mayonnaise. The bread is only a vehicle to hold that combo together. Bad rolls are all air and squish down to about 1/4 inch allowing the star ingredients to take center stage.

More confessions…..since we don’t eat meat, we use soy bacon. I’m the first to admit that it will never take the place of real bacon. And we also butter the rolls. You butter everything but ice cream when you are from Wisconsin.


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  • Alyce

    Those rolls are almost inedible for anything else except lobster rolls. Always wondered why such expensive sea food was showcased on a soft hot dog bun. Must be the same reason you use them for BLT’s

  • Ann Piehl

    When we were first married I asked my husband, a lifelong Wisconsin resident, why he put butter on all sandwiches, no matter what kind.
    His reply, “You wear underwear, don’t you?”

  • Mary

    Ann… what a wise man!