The Suitcase Lady

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  • eve robillard

    Oh, those cats are delightful! I also loved the pink fish–and yes yes yes those wild abstracts . . .

  • Jane Pflughoeft

    Great art projects-you were always the greatest at bringing the ARTIST out of kids!!!!!

  • Mary

    I had such a wonderful time with all of you at St. Mary’s. It was truly teamwork and the kids always created amazing artwork. Plus, your room always had really great art supplies.
    Stay in touch,

  • Elizabeth Levins

    Such a great selection of art, and the “snappy” musical accompaniment is perfect.

  • Audrey

    Thanks for sharing, Mary! These pictures bring back wonderful memories of the wonderful art you inspired from the kids at my Creative Arts Preschool in Mequon. Thanks also for reminding me of the joy you and I shared as we ate lunch together those days.

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